Atelier Rebul

Atelier Rebul Tobacco Leaves Diffuser and Scented Candle Set


Top notes of tobacco leaves, bitter patchouli and a hint of vanilla can be perfectly observed in this scent.

Ideal for the holidays, a birthday, or just like that.

Eastern nuts in combination with sweet spices are typically masculine and that is also reflected here. Perfume your home in a stylish way thanks to the beautiful glass vials.


  • The set consists of the Atelier Rebul Gift Box, the Tobacco Leaves Scented Sticks 120 ml and the Tobacco Leaves Scented Candle 210 g.
  • The scented candle burns on average 45 hours
  • The general lifespan of our diffuser is 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the chosen intensity.

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